market woman campaign

Although, ignorance remains the underlying risk factor for most women, we intend to enlighten Market women by laying emphasizes on  the importance of routine screening for early detection of cervical cancer (insitu stage). We will recommend routine screening should be done yearly for every sexually active market women.

Most of the women are not literates, we intend to educate  market women via illustrative  diagrams or 3D photos to enable them understand the importance of cervical cancer prevention, making an informed choice and taking up the free screening offer.

We will collect  cervix samples with our mobile screening kits for those who are unable to come to the center and send their appropriate results to them. Those with pre cancer will be enrolled in our free case management program for proper follow up care to prevent invasive cervical cancer.

Also provide market women with latest  information  on re-screening  and follow up care schedules through bellman or announcer (town crier).