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Cervical screening appointment

Everyone has a different experience of cervical screening but in Sali Hoe Cervical Cancer Screening and Vaccination Center we make cervix screening (automated screening) easier for women.  On this page, we talk through different tips.

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● A cervical screening appointment is around 20 minutes, with the procedure itself taking approximately three minutes. In Sali Hoe Cervical Cancer Screening and Vaccination Center, practice Medical Laboratory scientists take the majority of cervical screening samples, though sometimes it will be taken by a GP or nurse.
If it is the first time you are attending your screening you will go through our Counselling section to help you (our clients) know what will happen before and after the procedure. Before the procedure starts our counselors will explain what is going to happen and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

● You can bring a relative or friend with you if you need support and you can request a female practice nurse to take the sample if that makes you feel more comfortable.
You will be asked to undress from the waist down and to lie on an examination bed on your back either with your legs bent up or with your ankles together and your knees apart, then you will place your feet in the stirrups of the examination bed.

● A paper sheet will be placed over the lower half of your body. Our practice scientist or nurse will then insert an instrument called a speculum into your vagina.

● A lubricant will be rubbed on the disposable speculum, which will make it easier to insert into your vagina. The speculum will be gently opened inside your vagina, allowing the scientist or nurse to see your cervix.

● The speculums we use for screening are made from plastic and are disposable . A specially designed brush is used to take a sample of cells from your cervix. The nurse will collect the sample from the area of the cervix called the Transformation Zone. The sampled cells are immersed in a vial of liquid to help preserve them and later taken to the laboratory for further investigations.


Automated Cervical screening results

In Sali Hoe  Cervical Cancer Screening and Vaccination Center,  your cervical screening  ( Automated  cervix screening ) results will be ready within 30 minutes after your test.

Waiting for your cervical screening results may make you feel anxious especially when your initial result is positive for HPV. We are here if you need support.

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The results with Automated Machine may vary, it could be:

● No HPV found.

●No high-risk HPV.

● HPV found.

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Cervical screening after sexual violence

Booking appointment with Sali Hoe Cervical Cancer Screening and Vaccination Center (for sexual violence survivors). Feeling that you are not in control of your cervical screening appointment may remind you of past violence or abusive incidents. You can overcome such fear by making decisions on how you want the appointment to go:

● Ask for an appointment with a nurse or doctor of your preferred gender.
You can also ask to be seen by a trusted doctor or nurse who you already have a good relationship with, though they may not be fully aware of your situation but choosing someone you are free with can make the appointment feel more comfortable. Be aware that they might not be qualified to do the test, but can be with you or talk to their colleagues on your behalf. You can book an appointment just to talk about cervical screening and find out more. It is not a must that you will have the test at this appointment. If you are anxious about being alone or just want extra emotional support, take someone you trust to the appointment.

● Ask for a longer or double appointment. This allows you a little breathing space before and after the test, so you can take the appointment at a pace that is more convenient for you.
Plan what you are going to do after the appointment. You may not be able to carry on as normal immediately and need more time to ground yourself.

● Disclosure: You may find disclosing your experience of abuse very difficult or you may have never disclosed it to anyone. You may also deny it when asked. All of these feelings and reactions are normal.

● There is absolutely no pressure to disclose anything during your appointment but it might be helpful to let us know that you are feeling uneasy. If we are aware, it will help us to understand how to help and give you maximum support through the appointment. You may find it helpful if you will ask us to talk to  you through the test (Counselling) and show you the speculum and brush (materials for the test). Remember, it might be difficult for you to go for your cervix screening appointment as a sexual violence survivor but if we know you are a survivor, we can help you better.

What to expect at cervix screening

For many women, the thought of going for cervical screening is often worse than the reality. Do not worry if you feel anxious about having your screening, it is normal and most women feel this way. You can discuss any concern with our practice nurse or Gp or call Sali Hoe Foundation Helpline (08064279277) is open on weekdays.
Few points to remember before going for your cervix screening:

1. Do not have sexual intercourse 24 hours before your screening, as sperm, spermicidal gel and lubricants may make it difficult to get a good sample from the cervix.

2. If you have been prescribed vaginal pessaries to treat an infection then postpone your screening for at least a week after the treatment has finished.

3. If you are using vaginal oestrogen cream for menopause symptoms, do not apply it on the day or two days before your screening. Let our Gp or nurse know.

5. Do not douche or use a tampon for at least two days before your screening

6.  If you have been through or you are currently going through menopause, the test may become uncomfortable and as you get older the vaginal walls have become smaller and less lubricated, which can make it more uncomfortable to insert the speculum during the test. Speculums come in different sizes so you can ask for a smaller size to make it easier.

7. You will be covered with a paper towel; however, if you are feeling embarrassed,  pls bring a wrapper from home to cover yourself to make you feel comfortable.

8. If it is your first time, you’re feeling nervous or you had a bad experience in the past, tell our nurse or Gp. The more relaxed you are, the less discomfort you will feel and if you don’t want to go in alone you can bring a family member or friend with you for moral support.